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* 10 guest minimum. We also charge a delivery fee based on your location.

Office: 915-471-4909
Cell: 915-479-9918

Catering by Ernie G

We offer the following beverages:

$1.75 per person

$1.25 per person

Assorted Juices:
Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Grape
$1.10 per person

Assorted Sodas (12 ounce cans):
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer
$1.00 per person

Iced Tea
Bottled Water

$1.00 per person

Sparkling Bottled Water
$1.25 per person

Red Bull
$2.50 per person

We also offer full bar, beer and wine service for drop off and catered events, as well as beer and wine baskets. Please call or email us regarding our beer/ wine and spirits selections.

*additional beverage options available upon request*


Bulk Beverages

Our bulk beverages offer 16 servings per gallon – cups and cocktail napkins provided.
Lemonade       $14.00/ gallon
Iced Tea          $14.00/ gallon
Orange Juice   $14.00/ gallon
Coffee            $19.50 – serves 12