About Us

The Gluck family has been serving good people great food for over a hundred years. Beginning in the early 1900s, the Gluck family started a road side restaurant in Reviche, Czechoslovakia near their family farm. For many years, travelers stopped at the restaurant to dine on freshly prepared meals.

After World War II, several of the Gluck children immigrated to the United States to start a new life. Alex Gluck moved to El Paso, Texas where he become a butcher and opened up Alex’s Meat Market & Deli. Throughout the forty years in the community Alex’s Meat Market & Deli was the only kosher meat market between Kansas City and Los Angeles. During the forty years Alex and his wife Doris, brought the east coast deli-style to El Paso by providing high quality deli meats and custom catering. Alex’s provided custom made deli platters, sandwiches, roasted brisket, homemade potato salad and coleslaw to homes, office, and many corporate clients. The store was mentioned many times in Texas Monthly Magazine, The Harold Post, and the El Paso Times for their great food year after year.

Since the closing of Alex’s Meat Market & Deli, Ernie Gluck and his wife Rita opened up Rita’s Bar & Grille, located at Camille and Mesa, and Ernie G’s Lounge & Grille, located at Kern and Mesa. Ernie and Rita carry on the family tradition by serving good people great food. We look forward to bringing our special way of catering to you.