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Beer Gift Baskets

Three Light Beers Basket
Perfect for the health conscious individual, comes with Heineken light, Corona light, and Sam Adams light beer along with roasted pistachios, trail mix and pretzels.

Six Light Beers Basket
An extended version of the 3 light beers comes with Heineken light, Corona light, Michelob Ultra, Amstel light, Bud Select, and Sam Adams light beer along with beef jerky, peanuts and pretzels.

Sports Party Gift Basket
A great combination of beer and food, perfect for that super bowl or NBA finals party. Includes microbrews such as Smuttynose Old Brown Dog, Magic Hat #9, Long Trail Seasonal Ale, Sierra Nevada, Samuel Adams, and St. Pauli Girl as well as kettle chips, popcorn, mixed nuts, beef jerky, crackers, dipped pretzels, roasted peanuts, cheese sticks and dip.

Irish Beer Basket
Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or any time you’re feeling “Irish”. This includes beers such as Guinness Extra Stout, Magners Irish Cider, Harp Lager, Killian’s, Smithwicks, Guiness Draught as well as snacks like roasted peanuts, dipped pretzels, and beef jerky.


Across the Border Beer Basket
An El Paso classic, this basket comes with Mexican beers such as Corona, Corona Light, Dos Equis XX Loger & XX Amber, Pacifico, Tecate & Tecate Light, Negro Modelo. Comes with chips and salsa, jalapeno kettle chips, roasted peanuts, spicy sunflower seeds, Tajin Chili & Lime Seasoning.

International 6 Beer Basket
An ideal selection for any international beer lover. Includes imported beers such as Red Stripe from Jamaica, Stella from Belgium, Sapporo from Japan, New Castle from England, Guinness from Ireland, Moison XXX from Canada. Complimented with snacks such as crackers, smoked gouda, hot pepper cheese, smoked pepperoni, roasted peanuts, beef jerky, and mixed nuts.

International 12 Beer Basket
This huge selection of international beers includes  such fine selections as New Castle from England, Sapporo from Japan, Stella from Belgium, Guiness from Ireland, Red Stripe from Jamaica, Corona from Mexico, St. Pauli Girl from Germany, Foster’s from Australia, Singha from Tailand, Moison XXX from Canada, Tsingtao from China, and Sam Adams from the U.S. Also included are salami, cheese, beef jerky, crackers, and mixed nuts.

*Beer types subject to change based on availability. Ask our catering manager for the latest selections.